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Baxi boilers are well known as being one of the more affordable options available on the market today. They have created an impressive range of gas boilers which fall into the combi, heat only and system boiler categories.

Elsewhere they have a range of biomass boilers for those who have the capability to go even greener and use logs or even wood pellets to provide heat for their homes. Indeed you will find many green options in the Baxi range, not least the solar heating solution which can provide you with heated hot water with the aid of the heat from the sun. Baxi has developed considerably in the eco-friendly area of heating, since it also offers ground source heat pumps and solar PV for those homes who want to go green.

In this respect Baxi is able to cater for a wide section of the market. You are able to choose anything from a combi gas boiler installation to a biomass boiler. You can also choose to heat your water via solar power, providing your home with superb eco-friendly heating and hot water in the future.

Baxi is clearly one of the market leaders in heating in this respect.

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