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Buderus may not be a name you are instantly familiar with, but this company has established itself as a provider of boilers for both industrial and commercial settings. Some of their boilers are made from cast iron and provide immensely efficient sources of heat.

They also provide solar heating that is designed for larger buildings and installations, so if you own a business it may be worth looking into what they have to offer in more detail.

Unbelievably this modern sounding company was first formed back in 1731. Since then they have managed to move with the times and yet still be true to their roots and the traditions they have grown up with. It operates in fifty countries and is dedicated to providing highly efficient boilers and heating solutions that will keep many businesses going for many years.

While Buderus does not focus on the individual consumer, it certainly achieves a lot of work for the commercial and industrial range of businesses. Since heating larger buildings is a much bigger challenge, it makes sense to go with a company that is experienced in this field. If this sounds like something that is necessary for your business, Buderus is the name to look for.

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