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Glow Worm is a manufacturer of boilers and heating systems that has been around for 75 years. They are particularly well known for providing excellent value for money, not to mention a range of combi boilers, cylinders, system boilers and heat only boilers.

They also sell a range of accessories that are traditionally required to facilitate the installation of a new boiler. They may also be required for existing boilers. These include a condensate pump and a plume deflector kit.

The company also provides service and technical support to those who already have an existing Glow Worm boiler installed. What’s more, you can also easily access the range of fault finding codes that appear on the controls of a Glow Worm boiler. This is useful to know if you are experiencing issues with your boiler at present, as it could prevent the need for a callout.

As you can see Glow Worm has become a famous name in heating because it provides an outstanding and comprehensive service. If you are in the market for a new boiler it is worth considering the wide range of boilers they have available. One of them might just be ideal for your needs.


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