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Grant is a major player in the world of heating. They are perhaps best known for the condensing oil fired boilers that form an integral part of their range. These are called the Grant Vortex range. The company is also determined to produce efficient and effective green technology for their customers. To this end their product range includes heat pumps that rely on heat from the air, biomass boilers and water heating that uses solar thermal means to provide the heat.

One of the key features of the Grant heating range is that homeowners can easily choose more than one of their products to work in conjunction with each other. For example you can have solar thermal heating working alongside a biomass boiler, depending on what suits you best.

Grant is known for having a highly efficient stance when it comes to developing and creating new products. They focus on finding and using materials of exceptional quality to produce and provide long lasting heating solutions for the domestic home. Their products are also designed to be maintained easily and effectively, meaning you don’t have to worry about complications in the future. If you need a new boiler, Grant could hold the solution.

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