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Heatrae Sadia may not be the most familiar name to you when it comes to heating, but they have a wide range of domestic heating products that could be just what you are searching for. They specialise in several areas, providing electric heating for those who cannot use gas boilers, and immersion heaters for heating your hot water cylinder.

They also provide solar water heating systems and both vented and unvented cylinders, so you can see their range is well worth exploring if you do not have a gas supply. The electric heating systems are capable of providing hot water and heating to your home, and are just as easy to control as gas fired systems. They even have a boiler that is capable of providing underfloor heating as well as the traditional kind.

So you can see that while you may not recognise the name of the company, Heatrae Sadia is well worth looking into if you want to use solar power or have a heating system run by electricity. Those who already have one of their boilers will know just how effective they can be in heating the home and providing a constant supply of hot water.

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