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If you are looking for a brand new gas boiler, Potterton could provide just what you need. They produce a range of gas boilers, many of which are the combi variety. They also supply heat only boilers, floor standing boilers, system boilers and LPG boilers (liquid petroleum gas).

The company has also developed in other ways, providing the opportunity to get solar energy as well. They have in roof systems as well as those that go on the roof, and they also provide a large range of information on their website. If you have one of their boilers already you may want to consider the weather compensation kit that is designed to improve the rating of your home and will work with several of their ranges.

While the Potterton name is familiar to many people, you may be surprised at the sheer number of boilers they have. They produce the Promax, Heatmax and Gold combi boiler ranges, so whatever type of property you have you can enjoy the potential offered by one of their boilers. Potterton strives to improve every aspect of their boilers and the service they provide as well, so they are worth taking a closer look at.


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