Energy Saving Trust Recommended

Energy Saving Recommended

Most people have heard of the Energy Saving Trust. Indeed if you want to make sure the products you buy are as energy efficient as possible, it is a name that is well worth looking out for.

Many of us are looking for practical long term ways to cut down on the amount of energy we use. Not only is this good for the environment, it is also good for your fuel bills. Clearly using an appliance that is not particularly energy efficient will cost you more than using one that is extremely energy efficient, even if you use them for the same amounts of time.

So what does the Energy Saving Trust Recommended label mean?

If you see this label on a product you can be assured it means it is among the best you can buy in terms of energy efficiency. The certification is only given to those products that meet the exceptionally high standards required. This means you can have confidence in choosing the best energy saving products in every area of your home.

Of course if you currently have, let’s say, a boiler that still has a few years of use left in it, you will probably want to continue using it rather than investing in a new one with the recommendation label on it. Investing in new appliances can mean a significant outlay in cases like this.

However this doesn’t apply in every situation. For example you can still enjoy a more energy efficient home by purchasing radiator reflector panels approved by the scheme, and insulating your loft as well. These are just two examples of cheaper methods to use now, rather than waiting for the time when your appliances need replacing.

Get familiar with the Energy Saving Trust Recommended label

The best thing is to become familiar with this scheme so you know to look for labelled goods whenever you are buying something that will use energy. Whether it is a new computer monitor, double glazing, a new boiler or anything in between, this scheme has definite benefits for your bottom line – to save money.

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