Is it possible to fit a new boiler in my bathroom?

Yes, but it must be installed in the right zone. It must also adhere to IEE regulations.

What does a condensing boiler do?

A condensing boiler is more efficient than older boilers by using less fuel and making the most of what is used. Older boilers may only use 60% or so of the fuel produced, whereas a condensing one can use more than 90%.

Is condensing boiler installation a straightforward process?

Mostly, yes – your Gas Safe registered boiler engineer will check in advance to see whether the required condensation pipe can be installed. In most cases this will be an easy task. In the unlikely case your home is not suitable for such an installation, there is an ‘exceptional circumstances’ form that will be filled in and given to you by the engineer. Keep this in a safe place in case you ever need to produce it.

Is it possible for the external condensation pipe to freeze in winter?

It can happen, but it is more likely to occur if there is a considerable amount of pipe work leading to the exterior of the property. Condensate that forms in the flue is sent back into the boiler. Excess condensate then goes out through a pipe to the outside of the property, and it is this that can freeze in cold weather.

However if it the pipe your boiler will stop working and flash a warning light. You might hear an odd gurgle from inside the boiler too. If this occurs you should call in a Gas Safe engineer to resolve the issue for you. Lagging the pipe with the appropriate material can prevent it from happening in the first place. Ask your engineer for advice on this.

Is there a particular type of shower that works best with a combi boiler?

There are several showers that can be used with a combi boiler. A thermostatically controlled model may suit your home, as could one that is balanced to the mains pressure. Ask your installer for advice.

My flue emits puffs of steam during cold weather. Is this right?

Yes, you’ll notice this happens whenever the boiler is working during cold weather. The gases emitted from the flue are hotter than the surrounding air temperature, thus causing the steam you see. This is one reason why the flue needs to be covered with a protective cage so you don’t get too close to it.

Which size boiler should I have fitted?

Before getting a new boiler, ask your installer for advice on which size would best suit your home. Clearly, a larger property will require more heating than a much smaller one, so a different boiler may be required in this case. Your installer will be able to advise you on the best boiler for your needs, so you can enjoy the best heat efficiency you can get.

If you have any other questions contact your boiler engineer for advice and information.

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