Is Boiler Insurance Cover Worth the Money?

There is nothing worse than finding your boiler has a problem. Whether it’s simple to fix or more involved, there are many common boiler problems that can strike at any time. So it’s no surprise many people opt for boiler cover, to ensure they are covered for central heating repairs and other boiler issues that may crop up.

But is it really worth having boiler cover? Here we look at the different options you have to consider if you are currently evaluating whether or not to get it.

No cover can mean call out fees and large bills

If you don’t have boiler cover you will have to call out an engineer every time you have a problem – and pay for the privilege. This can be expensive even before you factor in the cost of any repairs that are required.

There is also the possibility you may ignore what might seem to be a minor problem, because you don’t want to pay for a visit from an engineer. This could lead to bigger problems – and more expensive ones too – in the future. In this sense it can actually be a false economy not to get cover.

Cheap boiler cover brings peace of mind

This is one of the biggest advantages of cheap boiler cover. When you have this cover in place, you’ll know you are covered in case of any problems you experience with your boiler or central heating system. You can request a call out whenever you need one. Your replacement parts will usually be covered too, and you’ll normally get an annual service included in the cost as well.

This means you’ll enjoy peace of mind throughout the year, whether you have any issues with your boiler or not.

Make sure you compare boiler cover before you buy

If you decide to get boiler cover, make sure you compare different policies to get the best deal. Some companies offer deals to new customers so watch out for these – they can vastly reduce the monthly amount you’ll pay.

money-image Regardless of whether you get boiler insurance cover or another type of deal, always focus on what you will get for your money. Some policies cover more problems and areas than others, so make sure you get something you can afford that offers the cover you need.

One good way to compare the available policies is to visit any website that provides you with price comparisons. Typically speaking you will be able to enter your details and then receive a number of quotes in return. It can be a much faster and more efficient way of receiving cheap boiler cover quotations.

As you can see, you need to think about whether or not you want to pay for the peace of mind boiler cover brings. If you find a good policy it certainly makes life easier and ensures your boiler will always be operating efficiently and properly. You’ll also get free repairs whenever they are needed.

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