Is it worth investing in a new boiler?

If you have an old boiler, or are forced to heat your rooms with electric heaters, you may be able to save a lot of money in the long term by getting a new condensing boiler. With better energy efficiency and programmable controls, a modern gas central heating boiler is better able to heat a home, at lower running costs, than either old-style boilers or portable electric heaters. We outline some of the difficulties people often have with old boilers and electric heaters, and explain the benefits of investing in a new boiler.

Problems with old boilers

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If your boiler is out of date, but still operational, it is very likely to be wasting energy and therefore money. This can be for a variety of reasons. For example, a gravity-fed hot water cylinder can be very slow to re-heat. If your cylinder does not have a thermostat, it is almost impossible to control, which means you could well be heating water excessively, creating a risk of scalding. If there aren’t any room thermostats, you will be heating the whole house rather than only the rooms you need to be heated. Consequently, you will be spending money to heat a room that no-one is using.

The inefficiency of electric heaters

electric fire In order not to waste money heating a whole house when they are only using one or two rooms, many people turn off their central heating and rely on portable electric heaters instead. These can be very cheap to buy and even feel as though they are doing a good job when you are sitting at your desk and there is a small but concentrated heat source warming your legs. In actual fact, these heaters use a lot of electricity and are very expensive to run. Furthermore, they are not particularly effective – as soon as you turn it off the room plunges to its original temperature – and nor are they very good at maintaining a constant room temperature.

The benefits of condensing boilers with programmable controls

According to the Energy Savings Trust, replacing an old-style heavy weight gas boiler with a new condensing boiler can reduce your yearly heating bill by as much as £300. This is because their operation is more efficient and they are able to re-use some of the energy they produce. But this is only part of the potential for saving money a new boiler can represent.

Having fully programmable controls can make all the difference when it comes to directing which parts of the home need to heated and when. With modern controls, you can measure how warm a room is and adjust the temperature accordingly, and you can set different times and temperatures for different days of the week and programme your boiler to only work when someone is in the house. It is also possible to regulate the temperatures of individual rooms, which means that you won’t be wasting money heating areas that aren’t occupied and you won’t need to waste energy with an electric heater on those occasions when you are only using one room.

With so many apparent long-term benefits, getting a new condensing boiler is clearly a sound investment that with careful usage can pay for itself sooner than you might imagine.

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