Makes and Models of Boilers

If you are considering getting a new boiler installed, you’ll soon see there are many makes and models to choose from. Names such as Baxi, Glow Worm, Potterton and Worcester will soon be familiar to you, as you consider which boiler to replace your existing one with.

Baxi boilers tend to be among the cheapest, followed by Potterton and Glow Worm boilers. Baxi produces a wide range of combi boilers including the Platinum, the Neta-tec and the Duo-tec boilers. Potterton produces a range of combi boilers including the Heatmax and the Promax. They also make heat only and system boilers among other types. Glow Worm also makes a wide range of different boilers. You will find names such as Ultracom2 and Flexicom among their range of combi boilers.

The thing to bear in mind when you are thinking about replacing your existing boiler is there are plenty of different makes and models you could opt for. You will almost certainly need a condensing boiler, as these are the most efficient. Many properties opt for a combi boiler as these do not require a hot water tank. You’ll find many makes and models of boilers are condensing in nature, so you’ve got a wide choice to look at.

Of course newer models come onto the market all the time, so make sure you check and see what the latest options are. It’s also worth thinking about the boiler you are about to say goodbye to. How well did it serve you during its life? Do you want to stick with the same make of boiler or swap to another one? This will help you narrow down the choices when it comes to finding the most appropriate boiler for your home. And remember, we’ll provide free quotations for you to consider as well.