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Registration & Information Collected

We collect personal information from you through the use of enquiry forms and each time you e-mail us your details. We may also collect information automatically about your visit to our site. This information, which includes demographic data and browsing patterns, is collected via the use of cookies (see below) and session file information.

Code of Practice

Our contractor network is made up of industry professionals who have agreed to comply with the Code of Practice as detailed below.

Independent references from customers like you are required before we will register them on our network.

The Code of Practice is outlined below:

  • To treat all customers with courtesy and respect and to provide an efficient service.
  • To contact the consumer within a maximum of 72 hours from receipt of the quote request.
  • To respect the homeowner’s privacy and ensure the security of their home and a safe working environment.
  • To comply with all UK laws, statutory regulations and building regulations associated with their trade.
  • To submit a written quotation when providing a tender for contract.
  • To employ qualified and certified staff relevant to their specific trade.
  • Use their expert knowledge to complete the work efficiently and on time.
  • To ensure that all work both starts and finishes on the dates agreed and that any unavoidable changes are communicated to the consumer.
  • To ensure that all work is completed to pre-agreed specifications and budgets as defined in the contract between consumer and contractor, any changes must be made clear and agreed with the homeowner prior to proceeding.
  • To ensure that all works are completed to the highest possible.
  • To leave all areas clean and tidy at the end of the working day and remove all rubbish upon completion of the project.
  • To maintain the correct employer and public liability insurance.
  • To ensure that all colleagues and sub-contractors meet these standards at all times.

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