The Benefits of a Combination Boiler

If your existing boiler has given up the ghost and you are considering combi boiler installation, it’s worth looking at the advantages such a boiler can bring. Combi boilers can seem a little unusual if you’ve never had one before, but if you do some homework you’ll see they have lots of advantages over a traditional boiler.

No need for a hot water tank

Most people know hot water tanks take up a considerable amount of room. If you live in a fairly small property you’ll instantly have the benefit of not needing to find room for a tank.

Combi boilers heat up hot water as you need it, rather than drawing water from the tank. This means you’ll always have hot water and you only have to find space to install the boiler itself.

Cheaper to install

savings As you can imagine, installation costs come down the moment you take a hot water tank out of the equation. Combination boilers are also versatile because they take care of your central heating as well as your hot water supplies.

If you are considering combi boiler you should factor in the initial costs of getting one. A faster installation is always possible when you don’t have a tank to consider. Fewer pipes and less hassle and upheaval are other perks of opting for a combi boiler.

Obviously you don’t have the cost of a tank to think about. You can also reduce the amount of pipe work you’d have to pay for. And since the installer won’t have to spend anywhere near as much time completing the installation, you won’t be paying them for as many hours either. So everywhere you look you can see a vast reduction in money for you to pay out. It’s sounding better by the minute, isn’t it?

Economical and practical

We’ve already seen how practical combi boilers are. However you should consider the economical nature of these boilers as well. Since you will be investing in a high efficiency boiler, you’ll spend less on your energy bills once you have one installed. Providing you get an energy efficiency model you’ll notice a reduction in your heating bills.

You’ll also get your constant supply of hot water as you need it, and at mains pressure. This is fantastic when you want to run a bath quickly and without having to wait for a hot water tank to deliver the amount of water you need.

As you can see, there are plenty of advantages to having a combination boiler. It may seem strange not to have a hot water tank if you’ve never had a combi boiler before, but you’ll soon get used to it. Indeed, if you have a family you’ll find it extremely beneficial to have hot water literally ‘on tap’ all day long.

So if your existing boiler has given up (or is about to), consider the benefits of a combination boiler today. You’ll be amazed just how much better they are.

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