Top 10 Gas Providers in the UK

Gas is metered in the UK, which means that customers only pay for the gas they use. However, central heating prices can vary considerably. This is because there many different suppliers, and they all have their own tariffs and central heating costs. Knowing which supplier is the best, and the cheapest, is not always easy, but doing a little bit of research can really pay off.

Many people save large amounts of money on their gas bills by switching suppliers, so it pays to know what the various companies are offering. Many of these suppliers also provide and install central heating boilers. If you are looking for a new boiler quote, or you would like to compare boiler prices, it is a good idea to get more than quote. Researching energy suppliers and asking around for details on installation and maintenance is always recommended.

Here, listed alphabetically, is a quick introduction to ten of the biggest UK gas providers.

British Gas

Provides energy and services throughout the UK, as well as installing and maintaining central heating and gas appliances. British Gas offers discounts for dual fuel customers, as well as those who manage their accounts online.

The Co-operative Energy

With no shareholders, Co-operative Energy is keen to emphasise its ethical and environmentally-friendly stance. A transparent approach to bills and pricing mean a gimmick-free and straightforward service.

EDF Energy

One of the UK’s largest energy providers, EDF Energy comprises the old London Electricity and Seeboard companies. They offer a priority service to elderly and disabled customers, and points for Nectar card holders.


Formerly known as Powergen, E.ON provides gas to millions of homes across the country. They also provide boiler and central heating installation and maintenance, and are a leading operator of UK wind farms. Points are available for Tesco Clubcard holders.


Keen to promote its reputation for high quality customer service, NPower is a leading energy supplier which also offers customers free energy efficiency advice. NPower offers lower rates for dual fuel customers.

First Utility

Positioning itself as ‘Cheaper than the Big Six’, First Utility offers both fixed and variable tariffs, and no estimates. Customers can submit their meter readings online for accurate and up to the minute energy costs.

Scottish Power

Providing 2.5 million homes in the UK with power, Scottish Power promises to deliver high quality customer service and competitive prices. Now merged with Manweb, Scottish Power also own hydro-electric and wind farms across the country.

Southern Electric

Part of the Southern and Scottish Energy Group (SSE), Southern Electric supplies energy to 2.6 million homes – over half of SSE’s customers. Free Argos points are available for Southern Electric customers, as well as free Ice points.


Also part of SSE, and with similar offerings to Southern Electric. SWALEC customers can collect Energyplus Air Miles and Energyplus Argos points, as well as free Ice points.


Through the use of modern smart meters, Utilita offers a prepaid energy service. The company claims that a pay-as-you-go approach is fairer to those whose energy usage and/or budget is low.  Customers can top-up their energy online, and there is a £10 ‘Emergency’ and ‘Family credit’ available.

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