Types of Renewable Heating

If you are considering getting some form of renewable heating for your home, you may be interested to know there are several forms to choose from. The idea of renewable heat is that it can always be generated, without the source of the heat running out.

Here are four of the most popular forms of renewable heating available today.

Ground source heat pumps

These pumps use the consistent temperature of the heat below ground level to heat your home. They run on electricity but they are able to produce a high degree of efficiency – something in the region of 400% when compared to the heat produced by a typical energy efficient boiler. The heat pump takes the heat produced by a pipe that is sunk into the ground, and magnifies it to get the best results.

Replacement boilers

Old boilers are never as energy efficient as the newest ones to come onto the market. If you need to replace your boiler in the near future, make sure you get the most efficient one you can afford. Most modern boilers are highly efficient to more than 90%, so you will get more energy for less money. Look for a boiler with the highest degree of efficiency you can get. It will pay you dividends in the long run, especially since most boilers will last a good ten years.

Solar thermal

As the name reveals, this method for providing heat for the home works by using the heat from the sun. Different panels are available, meaning you can use solar panels to provide electricity for your home as well as using different panels to heat your water before using it for washing up, showering and heating inside your home. The main advantage of this is that once the system has been installed, it doesn’t cost you any more to produce the heat and electricity you need in your home.

Under floor heating

There is nothing quite as nice as walking on a floor that is heated. Indeed, one of the methods you can use to heat your home through a renewable heat source is to use under floor heating. If you have (or you want) ground source heating at your home, you can have under floor heating installed that makes the most of this heat source. It operates at a low temperature and works to heat your home continually. As such you will find this system is far cheaper to run and a lot more efficient too.

It’s clear that you should consider all your options before choosing the best type of renewable heating for your home. You should also bear in mind your available budget and the amount of space you have outside too in certain circumstances. For example how much roof space do you have for solar thermal installations, and how much ground do you have for a ground source heat pump installation?

Working out all these questions in advance will lead you to the best renewable heating source for your home.


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