How To Power Central Heating? Learn More About Oil Fuel

The conventional method of powering a central heating system is through the gas mains. This is an efficient system but in a colder area the gas pressure can be very low, reducing its performance. In addition, in many rural areas of the UK, mainline gas is simply not available. Around 4.3 million households in this country are not connected to the gas network.

Oil is an alternative to gas central heating. It is a highly accessible and available fuel to buy for home owners. It does not require a pipeline and is fairly straightforward to be installed. You simply need a tank outside your home in which to store it. The tank is then connected to the inlet where your oil boiler is. Oil burns your furnace which heats the water and, in turn, your home or office.

Using Oil as a Fuel

An oil fired boiler will heat water and provide central heating to radiators and to the hot water points in your home. This is known as a ‘wet’ system.

You can choose from combination condensing oil boilers or heat-only boilers. Combination boilers feature an internal hot water storage system.

The Advantages

The main advantage of using oil as a fuel to heat your central heating is its efficiency and effectiveness. Practically all of the oil in your tank will be used in heating your water; very little is wasted. This means that your central heating system operates in a highly efficient way and you should benefit from lower bills.

Oil central heating systems are generally easier to maintain than gas. The unit is fairly simple and can be replaced easily if needed. It can be cleaned and serviced with minimal disruption.

heating-oil-tank-installationOil can be an expensive fuel, as with other fossil fuels, and you should research into the best fuel source for you before you make your decision. However an advantage of oil is that you can fill your external tank as and when you need it, by contacting your supplier. For example fill to a maximum of 500L instead of filling the entire tank. So you can control your payments easier.

You can compare supplier prices which rise and fall periodically, to ensure you are getting the best deal.

Research the options available to you and take advantage of the online options for finding out more about oil central heating.

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