What is Gas Safe Register?

Gas Safe Register Logo

Even if you haven’t yet needed to have a gas appliance tested, installed, removed or serviced, you will probably still have heard of the Gas Safe Register. This is the official replacement for CORGI, and when you need assistance or advice on any gas appliance you can go to the Gas Safe Register to find an approved engineer to help you out.

This applies to all gas appliances, so whether you’ve got a problem with your gas hob or you need a new gas boiler fitted, you’ll need to find a Gas Safe registered engineer to perform the task on your behalf.

So the Gas Safe Register performs more than one task?

Yes – it is not just a requirement for any engineer who wants to work with gas, it’s there to protect you and ensure your installation or repair work is done legally and properly. Needless to say, gas can be extremely dangerous. If you use an engineer who is not properly qualified it could have disastrous consequences.

If you need a qualified engineer to do some gas related work for you, the Gas Safe Register will help you find someone in your local area. There is a search facility on the website that helps you do this.

How can you check an engineer you have already met is properly qualified and registered?

The register is represented by a distinctive yellow triangular logo. It has the words Gas Safe inside it printed in black and the word ‘register’ underneath it in yellow.

Make sure you ask to see the engineer’s card when they arrive. Qualified and genuine engineers will not hesitate to show it to you; remember it is your right to see it. The engineer’s photo will be on the front along with the dates the card is valid from and to. It should also have a hologram for security purposes. The rear of the card will tell you which areas of gas work the engineer is qualified to work in. Always make sure you check these aspects of the card before the engineer starts work.


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