What is OFTEC?


OFTEC stands for the Oil Firing Technical Association. As such the organisation supports businesses providing oil heating and also cooking appliances, as well as providing information and support to consumers. They provide information designed to appeal to oil technicians and also a great deal of information of use to people who either work with oil fired items or have them at home.

If you are considering getting an oil fired appliance of some kind you can get a lot of useful information from OFTEC that will help you decide whether this is a good choice for you. The association can also assist with the task of finding a reputable and qualified technician to install a new heating or cooking appliance for you, as well as providing advice on maintenance issues.

Hiring a competent person

According to their website there are approximately 10,000 people who are competent persons. This means they are trained and assessed to ensure they are able to safety install, remove and maintain oil heaters and also cookers. While it is important to find a qualified person whenever you need to get work done relating to an oil-fired appliance, there are other benefits as well. For example self certification is possible when you hire a competent person. This means there is less work for you to do because there is no separate requirement for your local authority to come and evaluate the work that has been done.

Finding out more about using oil in the home

OFTEC has created a selection of guides that make for interesting reading if you are new to the idea of using oil for cooking or heating purposes. These guides provide you with a good amount of background information that will help you work out if oil fired appliances are right for you and your home.

They have also created separate groups of information focusing on heating and cooking, so you can find out more about each method. Clearly OFTEC is your first stop for more details if you want an existing appliance serviced or replaced, or you are considering getting a brand new one.

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